The Investment approach of Singularity Strategic can be categorised into 3 broad categories

Strategic Investment

We wish to associate with energetic and ambitious teams who have a compelling and scalable business model with a clearly differentiated product proposition and provide them with strategic direction and growth capital infusion . We intend to invest in a majority stake and hold our investment long enough till the business value of the enterprise is fully realised. We invest into scenarios where our teams work together to unlock the full potential of the business idea.

Investment Support

We would like our investment to make a significant impact in the companies that it invests into. We realize that companies requiring capital injections also need strategic expertise to help them move to the next phase of growth. There are situations where we provide the same by participating as a significant minority investor. Therefore through our investment we would like to augment existing strengths of the organisation by providing specialised strategic throughput needed to fuel business growth and unlock value.

Distribution and Joint Ventures

The emergence of a new Indian middle class, with spending power and brand consciousness to match developed nations, will offer tremendous business opportunities for brands and businesses wishing to tap into the Indian Market. India’s global middle class is expected to grow at a steady pace over the next decade. Due to which, we believe that there is a growing need for qualitative products and brands and there is immense potential for new businesses to create and expand their brand footprint in India over the next decade.


Brijesh Chandwani

Brijesh Chandwani is a thought leader and a leading entrepreneurial voice in the ISP space in India. Since 1992 he has successfully floated multiple businesses in the ISP, Media Tech and CATV Sectors. Brijesh received his Bachelors in Engineering from Osmania University.

In the year 2004 Brijesh set up Beam Telecom, an Internet Service Provider that disrupted the dial-up ISP market by pioneering the delivery of broadband solutions via fiber optic technology. During his tenure as the Chief Visionary and Managing Director the company achieved an unprecedented 15X growth to become the 5th largest ISP in the country and is widely regarded as an innovation led telecom powerhouse and a bellwether in the Internet Services Space in India.

Subram Kapoor

Subram Kapoor is an entrepreneur and finance professional with a deep seated understanding and unflinching passion for technology centric ideas and businesses.

Subram joined Beam Telecom in the year 2004 as its Chief Financial Officer and became an investor and full time director of the company in the year 2006. During his tenure as Executive Director Subram was responsible for the execution of Business Operations, Technology Strategy, Network & Infrastructure rollout, Service Assurance & delivery with a team span of over 1500+ employees. During his stint in Beam Telecom, Subram was responsible for architecting the entire end to end solution delivery platform capable of providing the fastest broadband experience in India.


We believe that when capital infusion meets strategic expertise, the potential business value of an idea is truly unlocked.

Singularity Strategic Holdings has been established with a clear mandate to invest into companies, domains and ideas where there is a genuine opportunity to make a telling impact beyond pure capital infusion and help them grow into sustainable and value creating organisations. Singularity Strategic comprises of successful entrepreneurs and professionals who have a well rounded understanding of the Indian Market and have successfully set up and scaled multiple businesses across different sectors

Singularity Strategic Holdings also invests into distribution led businesses whose products and offerings are aimed at targeting the burgeoning market in India. We are constantly exploring opportunities and avenues to partner with companies who have an exciting product proposition and wish to enter and expand their presence in the India market.

Value Proposition

We wish to partner companies who share our philosophy towards growth and of building sustainable value over time. Singularity Strategic wishes to bring its entrepreneurial understanding and strategic acumen into all its investments

Investment Strategy

Strategic Investor

Depending on the nature of the opportunity, we participate either as a majority stakeholder driving the strategic direction or a significant minority investor. We would like to invest in early to mid stage private businesses in the SME segment whose primary focus is the India Market. However, we are open to consider investment in transnational opportunities too.

Distribution & Joint Venture

We would like to partner with companies either as an exclusive/master distributor for the India market or through a joint venture model that clearly optimises synergies between the two companies.

Investment Size

Singularity Strategic Holdings will be able to make the commensurate investment commitment, both in terms of capital infusion and strategic knowhow depending on the nature of business opportunity and the requirements therewith.

Investment Radar

We are actively pursuing opportunities to make strategic investment into the following sectors/lines of businesses.

Investment Portfolio

The Team at Singularity Strategic comprises of successful entrepreneurs who possess a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic acumen and deep knowledge into the dynamics of the Indian market. Over the last decade and a half, the team at Singularity Strategic have successfully set up and scaled multiple businesses across different sectors. The experience and learnings of the founders during their respective entrepreneurial journeys forms the philosophical backbone of the workplace and provides the strategic thrust to the company.

Find mentioned below, some of the businesses that the team at Singularity Strategic founded and/or is invested into

Cyber optics Sector: CATV/Media Technology/Broadcast/OTT
Nature: Systems Integration/Distribution
Capacity: Founders/Investors/Management

CyberOptics is the most admired systems integration company in the CATV solutions space in India today. Started in the year 1997 as a pioneering analog CATV business solution provider in India, CyberOptics has since grown in strength to become the most sought after company for technology consulting and systems integration to several Multi Service Operator's across the country

Octane technology Sector: IT/Cloud/SAAS
Nature: Information Technology / Software Product Incubation
Capacity: Founders/Investors/Management

Octane technology is the group company of Singularity Strategic. Octane Technology was founded in 2013 with a singular mandate to build highly scalable mobile web products that makes meaningful impact across a variety of Industry verticals

FleetFoot Sector: Car Rental/Automobile Rentals
Nature: Cloud Based ERP/ SAAS
Capacity: Founders/Investors/Management

FleetFoot is a fully integrated fleet management platform on the cloud, that provides a scalable, end-to end solution to the Fleet Rental Service Industry.

Candere Sector: Ecom/Vertical Commerce/Luxury
Nature: Online Jewellery
Capacity: Investors

Candere is one of the leading companies in the online precious jewelry space in India. Founded in 2014, Candere was established with a clear mandate to provide the best experience for online shoppers looking to buy premium jewelry.

HOMBOTSector: IOT/Smart Home
Nature: Home Automation/Smart Switches
Capacity: Investors/Management

Home Automation Solutions company established with a singular mandate to enhance the living experience of our customers through their suite of well designed smart home products. The project is currently in the testing phase and will soon be launched in the market under the brand name Keus.

StoneLifeSector: Real Estate/Construction
Nature: Tiling/Cladding Solutions/ Outdoor Artifacts/ Design Solutions
Capacity: Investors/Management

StoneLife is a first of its kind natural stone studio in the country that houses a magnificent and eclectic collection of natural stones carefully chosen from various parts of the world

VieFoods Sector: FMCG/Health Foods
Nature: Nutrition Bars/Health Bars/Gourmet Staples
Capacity: Investors/Management

Vie Foods is a Natural Food company that provides high quality nutrient dense food products that have minimal to no processing with a mandate to retain the original nutrition values of the ingredients. Currently Viefoods has the following brands under its product portfolio:


Nut Nut, the flagship brand of Vie foods Pvt Ltd, is driven by a passionate objective to create the most nutritious and delicious range of all-natural wholenut snack bars and other nut based products


Zealeo provides gourmet staples as a healthy substitute to the high GI and heavily processed foods currently available. Currently the Zealeo range of food products consists of Organic Quinoa, Organic Palmyra sugar and Dessicated Coconut.

Past Association

beamtele Sector: ISP/Telecom/Connectivity
Nature: Broadband Services/FTTH/Triple Play
Capacity: Founders/Promoters

In the year 2004 Beam Telecom, an ISP founded by Brijesh Chandwani and Subram Kapoor disrupted the dial-up ISP market by pioneering the delivery of broadband solutions via fiber optic technology. Under their vision, leadership and strategic investment from Act group in 2009, the company achieved an unprecedented 15X growth to become the 5th largest ISP in the country, providing the fastest broadband experience in India. With a wired line subscriber base of over 400 K customers and a fiber optic infrastructure backbone covering over 150,000 kms, Beam Telecom has emerged as a bellwether and innovation powerhouse in the telecom space and is well on its way to usher the gigabit revolution to the Indian consumer. The founding team at Beam Telecom exited from active management in February 2013 and are currently evaluating the investment landscape for Singularity Strategic.




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